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Polar Blast Cold Smoke Lid Kit

Polar Blast Cold Smoke Lid Kit

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The Polar Blast Lid is the ultimate upgrade for any tumbler. This revolutionary lid easily attaches to any standard 20oz tumbler and transforms it into a portable cold smoke water pipe, just fill with ice & a little bit of water and enjoy!


The lid features a built-in percolator and smoke cooling system, allowing for smooth and cool hits every time. Take your smoking experience to the next level and enjoy The Coldest Hit In The Universe with the Polar Blast Lid. 

This is a complete kit that includes 1 of each:

  • The Polar Blast lid made from the best food grade polycarbonate
  • The down stem is food grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Medical Grade Silicone Nozzle
  • 1 clear glass bowl

*Lid fits all tumblers with an 3.25in (82mm) opening.

*This lid does not fit the 20oz skinny tumblers!

 The Polar Blast lid is a 14mm universal female socket and you can use a flower bowl, dab rig, vape, pretty much anything that can fit in a 14mm.  It will produce the coldest smoke from your custom tumbler.

All sales are final. No returns or refunds will be accepted; however, if there is a problem with your order, please contact me at the email address above. 

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